WineNot Boutique Wine and Gastronomy Tour to Douro Valley & Porto

Dates: Week 1 September 11th- September18th or Week 2 September 18th- September 25th.

Wine and Gastronomy Tour 2019

WineNot Boutique Wine and Gastronomy Tour - Rome, Umbria and Tuscany

Wine and Gastronomy Tour 2018

A Culinary, Wine & Cultural Journey in Argentina

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WineNot Boutique- Bordeaux to Bilbao- Wine & Basque Country

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Exploring Beautiful Tuscany

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A Wine and Culinary Adventure in Northern Spain

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A Taste of Champagne, Burgundy, and Paris

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A Taste of Piedmont Region of Italy

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Being one of the lucky previous travelers, I would highly recommend WineNot Boutique’s tours. Touring with Svetlana is a fabulous experience. I have been on many tours and I can say without hesitation that my favorite tour so far, is the three I have been on with WineNot!


Dear Svetlana, I want to thank you for organizing a great trip to Argentina. It really was amazing, and I look forward to the next one. You are such a joy to be around and I really admire your intelligence, easygoing personality, organization skills and beautiful smiling face.


There are no words to describe the experience in Spain...but I will try. IT. WAS. FABULOUS! I am so glad you "talked" me into joining this tour in June when I visited The Wine Steward for one of my many Saturday tastings. What a great trip!! So many great memories with a great group. Looking forward to next time!


Not a tour person by nature. Prefer to go out on my own. BUT this was excursion! This was a tour that is in a class by itself. All aspects were wonderful-itinerary, hotels, restaurants, Jose the Driver, Erik (The Belgium), and the wine tours. All the little touches were special. The group was great-no one had issues with anyone else. My best memories were of the locals-(Fr. Daniel, Loudras & others made the locales come alive & not just be destinations, but personal experiences. Would love you do to another tour. Your tour is one I would do and recommend. Thank you!


The saddest thing in life is to drink a glass of wine alone. However, this was not an issue on this trip having shared a glass or 20 with great friends. Many thanks to Don and Svetlana.


Svetlana, what can we say besides you are superbly awesome! Seriously! Our favorite moment was our impromptu gathering outside the hotel rooms! We loved spending time with you! Everyone on this trip was so enjoyable-thank you for fitting us in! Lastly, remember never order a cappuccino after noon! You will be asked “You want it Now?” Just respond “When you have a chance!”. Lots of love,Leo and Connie C.


Thank you for a very memorable vacation. Everything was wonderful! Our first visit to Italy was extra special and you did a fantastic job with the planning.


Umbriawas LOVELY,we got to see SO much! It was an excellent trip. It was the first time I have visited the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel. It was special to THEN visit Assisi. But must say, that in Perugina, at the Baci Chocolate factory, up on the catwalk. THAT was where I felt closest to Heaven!...The restaurants were FABULOUS, but SO MUCH FOOD! I was disappointed by the major lack of green vegetables! I have since been told that as long as there are mushrooms, garlic,onions or truffles THAT represents Italian veggies!... I loved what seemed like the special attention we received because of YOU, Svetlana! Like when the Lingarotti grandson came out to greet us and offered a special tasting! It felt that way at Paolo Bea, Arnaldo Caprai and Poggio Antico wineries as well! Irene was very good, very informative and available. I really enjoyed our trip and look forward to Portugal!


Svetlana, Thanks for a SUPERLY, AWESOME experience! Italy, the tours, the wine, food and company were exquisite!!:) You put on a good show


What a wonderful trip. Such a fun group of people that truly enjoyed all of Svetlana’s hard work. From the locations, to the vineyards, to the food, to the hotels, just amazing. Getting to know each other in such a beautiful setting will hold memories for a lifetime.


It was interesting, on the Show “This is Us” this past Tuesday there was a reference to Brunello wine and Montalcino, in Tuscany, Italy, and Sangiovese grapes. Only someone who has been there would have picked up on it. I felt very informed.I have learned so much from you and the tours. Thank you so much for all you do


WineNot trip to Umbria was Excellent! The visit to Perugia chocolate factory was outstanding, Assisi and truffle hunt very interesting, and the cooking class was terrific!


Dear Svetlana:Wilda and I would like to share our thoughts about the Umbria Wine Tour we attended earlier thismonth. As you know, we went to Rome early and checked into the Hotel Victoria on Friday so we could get adjusted to the time change. We actually had dinner at the rooftop restaurant on Friday night, and that was a great experience, and we were excited that you arranged our welcome dinner there! The Hotel Victoria was a great choice in Rome-great location and very convenient to all of the points of interest. The bus transportation you selected was first class, and our driver was great. The daily tours of Perugia, Orvieto, Assisi, Montefalco, and Montalcino were all wonderful, and the guide you selected, Irine, was fantastic and so knowledgeable about the Umbria area. All of the meals that were provided greatly exceeded our expectations, and we certainly learned a lot about Umbrian wines that we had never had a chance to sample before. Some of the Montefalco reds we tried have become our favorites. We are looking forward to traveling with you to Portugal in May 2020