We last saw you here on the show three years ago. What’s new and exciting with WineNot Boutique?

  • Purchased a second location in Hampstead, NH, “The Wine Steward”.
  • Began taking clients on international wine and culinary trips. Went to Piedmont, Italy in 2013, France in 2014 and we have a trip planned for Spain in 2015. Pictures and itineraries are on the website.
  • Celebrated WineNot Boutique’s 4th

What’s your approach to selling wine?

  • Wine should be fun. The best wine is whatever pleases your palate the most regardless if it’s a $10 bottle or a $100 bottle. Our goal is to help you find that bottle. You won’t find any wine snobs in our shops. People enjoy our approachable style and our expertise.

How do you help people find wines they will enjoy at your shops?

  • Use our expertise and knowledge of wine to help each customer find the right wine for their tastes. We can give individualized service that others cannot.
  • We have two free wine tastings each week at both shops. At WineNot on Wednesdays from 5-8pm and Saturdays from 1-4pm and at The Wine Steward each Thursday from 5-7pm and Saturay from 12-5pm. Tasting a wine is the best way to know if you’ll like it.

I saw on your website that you hold a lot of special wine events and classes?

  • Many special wine tasting events at both shops. Calendar on both shop websites.
  • Special guests.
  • Talk about wine classes. Have classes scheduled starting in January at both shops. Wine 101 with Svetlana and a class about Cabernet Sauvignon. Calendar on each shop website.

I see you brought us a bottle of wine, “The Tractor Guy” Pinot Noir. Why this particular wine?

  • Pinot Noir is a traditional wine for Thanksgiving. Pairs great with turkey, etc. etc.
  • This particular Pinot Noir goes great with lighter fair such as turkey but is bold enough to stand up to more serious meats.
  • Tractor Guy is made by a prestigious winery in Napa, Ladera. It originally was to be sold at the winery at $40 but they changed their mind and we were able to get a good deal on it. It’s one of the Wines of the Month ($21.59) at both WineNot Boutique and The Wine Steward.

Radio AD

WineNot Boutique, at 170 Main Street in downtown Nashua, is Southern New Hampshire’s premiere wine and cheese shop. Whether you’re looking for the right wine, artisan cheese, or gift, WineNot has what you need. Join us for our weekly wine tastings, or one of our fun and educational wine classes. New classes will start in January. Check our website, www.winenotboutique.com for more details.


Gift Basket

WineNot Holiday Gift Baskets $120 (Offer $60.00)

  • Luigi Baudana Dolcetto D’Alba: Exclusive Wine from Piedmont, Italy. $25 Value!
  • Luna Di Monte White Blend: Exclusive white wine from Tuscany, Italy. $20 Value.
  • Los Olivos Baking Co. Wine & Cheese Biscuits: Savory crackers from CA
  • Made Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans: Delicious dark chocolate covers roasted espresso beans from Columbia.
  • Maui Spice Company Maui Wowee Blend: Combination of various herbs and spices which includes Hawaiian Alaea and Pa’akai Salts. HI
  • Café Latte Barista Blend Mocha Latte Mix: Makes hot mocha cocoa or a nice iced mocha latte. CA.
  • Mille Lacs Strawberry Preserves: All Natural Ingredients create this deliciously fruity treat! WI
  • French Chocolate Truffles: Beautifully velvet truffles from
  • Valdrigano Orcchiette: 100% Italian Pasta
  • Cypress Co. “Bottles Up!” Gift Set: Useful & Attractive set includes Ceramic Coaster & Bottle Stopper!
  • Double Step Wine Key: Less effort is used & fewer corks are broken.