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Fine Balsamic from Cavedoni


Botte Piccola, $60

Botte Piccola is the pride of the Cavedoni family. This balsamic vinegar is noted for its quality and intense, mature flavor. Its high density and brilliance give it the attributes of the best aged balsamic vinegars. Best enjoyed directly from the bottle. – 250ml

 – Balsamic vinegar of Modena.

 – Produced from wine vinegar and grape must from Emilia-Romagna.

 – Aged in oak barrels 8 years.


acetaia-cavedioni-saba-250mlSaba Cavedoni, $23.99

The local country cuisine of the Modena region of Italy is not only known for its balsamic vinegar and Lambrusco wine, but for la Saba. Saba is a very old specialty, and is obtained from many hours of careful cooking of the pressing of grapes until a concentrated must has been achieved, resulting in a dense, sweet syrup.

– Produced from 50% concentrated grape must.

– Grapes from the province of Modena.


cavedoni-sigillo-blu-at-winenot-boutiqueSigillo Blu, $25

The Sigillo Blu (blue label) is a refined blend with the complexity of age. Blu is decanted 10 times. It is moved from barrel to barrel during decanting, this intensifies the remaining vinegar and gets rid of sediment.  Full bodied and velvety with touches of caramel and a smooth oakey finish. The blu has an intensity that works well with sauces, dressings and sweetened for desserts and agro dolce dishes.

– Balsamic vinegar of Modena.

– Produced from wine vinegar and must of grapes from the Emilia-Romagna region.


cavedoni-gusto-tartufo-at-winenot-boutiqueTruffle Balsamic Condiment, $40

Gusto Tartufo is a balsamic truffle condiment, or dressing, with an intense perfume. It is aged in casks of oak, is of medium acidity, and is infused with black truffles. Use in risotto, omelettes, with scallops, mashed potatoes and salads, and in any recipe where fresh truffles are called for.

– Produced from acetified, concentrated grape must.

– Grapes from the province of Modena