Wine and Gastronomy Tour 2019

WineNot Boutique Wine and Gastronomy Tour - Rome, Umbria and Tuscany

Wine and Gastronomy Tour 2018

A Culinary, Wine & Cultural Journey in Argentina

Wine and Gastronomy Tour 2017

WineNot Boutique- Bordeaux to Bilbao- Wine & Basque Country

Wine and Gastronomy Tour 2016

Exploring Beautiful Tuscany

Wine and Gastronomy Tour 2015

A Wine and Culinary Adventure in Northern Spain

Wine and Gastronomy Tour 2014

A Taste of Champagne, Burgundy, and Paris

Wine and Gastronomy Tour 2013

A Taste of Piedmont Region of Italy

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Being one of the lucky previous travelers, I would highly recommend WineNot Boutique’s tours. Touring with Svetlana is a fabulous experience. I have been on many tours and I can say without hesitation that my favorite tour so far, is the three I have been on with WineNot!


Dear Svetlana, I want to thank you for organizing a great trip to Argentina. It really was amazing, and I look forward to the next one. You are such a joy to be around and I really admire your intelligence, easygoing personality, organization skills and beautiful smiling face.


There are no words to describe the experience in Spain...but I will try. IT. WAS. FABULOUS! I am so glad you "talked" me into joining this tour in June when I visited The Wine Steward for one of my many Saturday tastings. What a great trip!! So many great memories with a great group. Looking forward to next time!


Not a tour person by nature. Prefer to go out on my own. BUT this was excursion! This was a tour that is in a class by itself. All aspects were wonderful-itinerary, hotels, restaurants, Jose the Driver, Erik (The Belgium), and the wine tours. All the little touches were special. The group was great-no one had issues with anyone else. My best memories were of the locals-(Fr. Daniel, Loudras & others made the locales come alive & not just be destinations, but personal experiences. Would love you do to another tour. Your tour is one I would do and recommend. Thank you!


The saddest thing in life is to drink a glass of wine alone. However, this was not an issue on this trip having shared a glass or 20 with great friends. Many thanks to Don and Svetlana.